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First let me say I am always fully clothed! :P

Basically I have hundreds of artists watched. Every single one of them was found and reviewed by myself because at some point they contributed something beautiful. Keep in mind that does not guarantee they continue submitting artistic works, or that art makes up the majority of the work they have submitted. Regardless, people, hundreds, are watched.

Every day I get small breaks between my own projects. Usually somewhere between 10-40 minutes. It's during these small breaks I start going through the messages each day, somewhere between 600-1200, depending on the level of inspiration Deviant members have experienced.

And then I fav. Not everything, probably not even 10%. Sometimes an image is faved purely for it's erotic content. Sometimes for it's sheer artistry. The idea behind the collection, other than an appreciation of female beauty at every level is also to overwhelm the viewer. To be stunning. To shock. To soothe. To arouse! To make the viewer think. To experience... something.

Whatever emotion you personally experience when viewing these works collected side by side just remember that each artist was motivated to pick up the tools of their trade and take action. They were inspired to create. That my friends, is the best any of us can strive for.
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It's long overdue yet well deserved; "Thanks" to every artist who has contributed the Deviations that I collect.

A quick (or long) look at my Favorites tends to reveal my preference for the female form in all of it's beauty. Yet I feel from some of the comments and notes I receive that my appreciation is misunderstood... I do not view these images as pornographic or as 'spank' material. At no point has this site been used, by myself, as a device for any sort of physical release.

I do, however, LOVE the female body in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, it's sexual beauty and power. Every woman is unique, every body to be celebrated. Every emotion expressed in an image to be drunk in, like a fine wine (swished around in the proverbial mouth and savored, each nuance given attention and appreciation). Many times those images and the forms and emotions expressed are meant to be overtly sexual. I am fine with that, as sex is an integral part of the human condition - you and I would not be here without such intense erotic desires and there resulting couplings.

And there is even beauty in that.

So thank you, however you express the beauty. Know that it is appreciated and given proper diligence.
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blackrabbitimagery posted a comment on 100100110's profile

DA IS NOT YOUR FREE PORN SITE, it is for artists who work our asses off to create
100100110 - Add a Comment:
That is a very interesting comment... considering that every Deviation I have favorited is, in fact, art. I have posted no content under this username, and previous pieces I have posted under old usernames were original pieces having nothing to do nudity or the display of the human body, naked or otherwise.

If you feel that the Deviations I have favorited are in fact pornographic then please report them to the Deviant Art moderators who will take prompt action, as there are strict rules against such images. Or even contact the artists themselves. But please do not disparage me for favoriting submissions to this site from other established artists.

However if you're simply trying to impose some moral standard to my choice of favorite Deviations then please go pedal your opinion somewhere else as I find no shame in the human body.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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