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I am getting a little... worn, of some of the more generalized categories that I use to collect art. While it will take months to accomplish, I am thinking about refining the categories to better describe what deviations I favorite.

The questions then are these:
Do I base the categories on artistic qualities? Should I base them on erotic qualities, keeping in line with the theme I have entertained? Should I base them on feelings I experience when I view the deviations? How, in fact, should I proceed?

I'll think on it. The trick is not to think on it so long that I put it off, because the undertaking of resorting is going to be enormous.
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You do not know me. I could be wealthy. I could be poor. I could be witty. I may be dull. I could be a man. I could be a woman. I could be a mere child. I could be aged and wise beyond years.

Perhaps I am mean, kicking whatever dog I see. Perhaps I rescue those in need and give my time to charities. I may be a critic, with the most refined tastes that all look up to. Or maybe I am the one that draws on bathroom walls. Maybe I am both.

I am formless and nameless, a nothing to you that you have conceived an ideal of, shaped by your experiences, your passions and your needs. But I am not those things. I am me.

You do not know me, nor I you. You should not care what I think of you. I should not matter, one bit, to you.
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First let me say I am always fully clothed! :P

Basically I have hundreds of artists watched. Every single one of them was found and reviewed by myself because at some point they contributed something beautiful. Keep in mind that does not guarantee they continue submitting artistic works, or that art makes up the majority of the work they have submitted. Regardless, people, hundreds, are watched.

Every day I get small breaks between my own projects. Usually somewhere between 10-40 minutes. It's during these small breaks I start going through the messages each day, somewhere between 600-1200, depending on the level of inspiration Deviant members have experienced.

And then I fav. Not everything, probably not even 10%. Sometimes an image is faved purely for it's erotic content. Sometimes for it's sheer artistry. The idea behind the collection, other than an appreciation of female beauty at every level is also to overwhelm the viewer. To be stunning. To shock. To soothe. To arouse! To make the viewer think. To experience... something.

Whatever emotion you personally experience when viewing these works collected side by side just remember that each artist was motivated to pick up the tools of their trade and take action. They were inspired to create. That my friends, is the best any of us can strive for.
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